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My new Forums Board on the Internet. If you are a stranger to Forums then this is a must. It's purpose is laid out below and I need all the help I can get. Jump aboard, get in on the ground floor and hopefully watch it grow.

This is the message on the front page of my Forums Board: "The Meeting Point ..... As the name suggests I would like this forum to be a meeting point for all those, from whatever country, who, for one reason or another, feel the need for a friendly contact. A place for making new friends, exchanging ideas, gathering information, taking part in debate on any subject you find interesting. Have a moan perhaps or pass on good news to everybody. Curious about living abroad, like more information?  Hopefully, together, we can build a place which will have a positive effect on people's lives. Come along and make a contribution or take advantage of what we offer. Have just added a forum for Prostate Cancer, which I have recently been diagnosed as having. I will give a blow by blow account of what happens with regard to treatments given and would love to hear from others with the same problem. Click on The Meeting Point link shown below to enter the forums.

The Meeting Point