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Under Construction

The above "Under Construction" sign not only applies to this site but also to Benidorm at the moment. There has been a huge program of infrastructure improvement and new hotel construction in the last couple of years and it is still going on, so make sure, if you are booking rooms here, that the agent tells you exactly what is happening, building wise, where you are going to be staying.

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The Busiest Town On The Costa Blanca. It Never Sleeps.

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Benidorm : A general information site. Sports, bars, pubs, dancing, what to do and where to go.

About Benidorm : Includes information about the surrounding area too. Worth a visit.

Viages Alemeda : Book hotels, flights, apartments etc.

Google : Loads and loads of information here. Could keep you busy all your holiday. Just enter 'Benidorm' in the search line.



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