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These web pages are mainly about a 55 year old working class couple who had the dream, and saw an opportunity to possibly make that dream come true. How the opportunity came about and what happened when it was taken up are all events that are recorded here in these pages.

There are also pages on prostate cancer which weren't part of the original design. However, since starting these web pages I have been diagnosed with this condition and will record exactly what happens, when it happens. I am not looking for sympathy here but feel very strongly that this subject isn't aired enough. Thousands of men get this cancer every year and it is fairly easy to deal with if caught early enough. It is up to you men out there, with your wives / sweethearts / brothers / sisters / partners insistence, to get yourselves screened. Don't think it can't happen to you.

Ciudad Patricia is the name of the complex where I live.

From My Balcony At Ciudad Patricia
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Sand Castle Man - Benidorm
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As of September 2005 all the prices and places mentioned on the various pages are current, give or take a euro or two.

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