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Eating, eating, eating. Benidorm's the place.

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The old adage, spoilt for choice, has never been more apt than here in Benidorm. Not just in Benidorm itself either but in the whole surrounding area. Those who are used to dining out in the UK will be amazed at the prices here. Not so much at the McDonald's and Burger Bar places, which, for all I know, are on a par with the UK, but at the restaurants.

For an all in price of between 7 and 12 Euros 4.50 to 8.00, you can sit for a couple of hours, dining from extensive menus with your wine, bread, ali oli, three course meal, coffee, all included. Your surroundings will be pleasant with attentive, hard working and friendly staff and other diners representing most of the countries of Europe.

It isn't just Spanish style restaurants that are available either. You can select from German, Dutch, Chinese, Belgian, French, English, Swiss, in fact the whole gamut of European cuisine. Don't confine yourself to the obvious places on the sea front with their 'menu del dia's', not that there is anything wrong with them, they are excellent value but look a little further afield down some of the side streets in the old town. Catch a bus to Albir, Altea, Calpe, the Jalon and try your luck in these delightful places.

It could be of course that food doesn't interest you that much, and that quick is all you need, as you have more important things to do. That's fine, Benidorm has dozens of fast food outlets. KFC, McDonald's, Telepizza, Burger Bar, Subs, you name it and Benidorm has it. Then there are all the small bars where you can enjoy a huge selection of tapas, especially in the old town, that Spanish specialty which is so popular and deservedly so, although I have to say that it isn't a cheap way of feeding yourself.

Want a bit of home then we Brits can indulge ourselves in fish and chips, equally as good as anything available in the UK. A chip butty, bacon sandwich, roast beef and yorkshires, liver, gravy and chips, the full English breakfast at unbelievably low prices. Whatever you want.

Fancy a Chinese, there are dozens of Chinese Restaurants here, for a staggering 3.00 you can have a three course Chinese meal, a good one, plus a bottle of wine and coffee.

If choice and value was a measure of wealth then you would have to wade through a sea of gold to get here. Oh dear, have I let myself run away with enthusiasm. No, I don't think so. Would I lie to you?


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