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What gives you the idea I like the place?

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Benidorm is particularly blessed with attractions for the holiday maker, be they single, married couples or family with children. You can choose the type of holiday you want when you get here.

You can laze all day, sleep all night. Sleep all day go crazy at night. Go crazy day and night. Laze all day and night. Race around for two weeks trying to see and do it all, which you won't, not in two weeks. Lie back and let Benidorm come to you, take it easy and just see what happens. It's your choice.

There are two of the finest beaches in Europe, each having beautifully kept sand but also having it's own character and surroundings.

The Levante beach is the most popular because it is the closest to the majority of hotels, restaurants and bars. Anywhere on the beach you are no more than 30 or 40 steps to all the food and refreshment anyone could possibly want and at amazingly cheap prices.

In the summer there are diving platforms anchored off the beach and a power driven ski ride which is quite exciting, banana rides, pedalo's and beach beds of course. There are also shaded areas with chairs, magazines and newspapers ,provided free of charge

The Poniente beach is on the other side of the old town and much quieter. Here also there are restaurants, but not in such quantity or variety. Plenty of room here, even in the high season, for both cars and people. A very good bus service runs continuously between town centre and Poniente beach.

There is a very modern ten pin bowling alley. Plenty of crazy golf, amusement arcades for the young and not so young. Bars with bingo, bars with UK TV, bars with line dancing, bars with live entertainment or just bars. A high tech bingo hall with big prizes for those who need their fix. Less ambitious bingo in a variety of bars. A beautiful park with an open air amphitheatre for concerts. Tom Jones and the Stones have both had concerts here. Julio himself got his big start here in Benidorm.

A delightful 'old town' which is busy all day, but which I think comes into it's own at night. It is tailor made for strolling round then taking the weight off your feet with a cup of coffee or tea in some quiet corner. Yes, Benidorm does have it's quiet corners.

There are night clubs of every description, whatever takes your fancy and the vast majority are free to enter. They expect you to buy drinks of course but that is only fair as for the price of a couple of pints you can be entertained well into the early hours of the morning. You may or may not have heard of the entertainers but don't let that put you off. There is a lot of talent in Benidorm.

Talking of the early hours why not try the disco's. There are a lot of them and youngsters come from far and wide for what they offer, and they offer much.

Benidorm Palace is the biggest and most luxurious night club, also the most expensive. Expensive relative to here, that is. Goodness knows what you would pay in the UK for dinner and such spectacular entertainment in very pleasant surroundings, a fantastic night out. Actually that should read night and early hours, as nothing starts and finishes early here.

A brand new six screen air conditioned cinema showing all the latest films. One of the screens is always in English and the entrance charge is very cheap, even cheaper on Wednesdays. The prices compare very favourably with those of the UK.

Aqualandia, also in Benidorm, is advertised as the largest water park in Europe and is a great place for adults and children. A very safe place too, with life guards everywhere keeping an eye on things. The usual food and drink outlets of course.

Right next door to Aqualandia is Mundomar, a showplace for seals and dolphins but also with hundreds of exotic birds. They have three or four separate shows a day, which is all inclusive, by the seals, the dolphins and a special one by parrots for the younger children. The dolphins in particular put on a spectacular show with their trainers.

Go-carting is popular too and the course is quite a long one so you can have a real go at this. Good fun.

Just outside Benidorm and well supplied with buses is the very latest attraction, Terra Mitica. This is a theme park celebrating life around the Med. There are the usual rides of course but the theme side has been particularly well done. There is still a lot of construction going on but you can't tell from the inside. You can try cuisine here from all areas of the Med in a variety of restaurants.

I haven't even mentioned golf, swimming pools, ice pools, gyms, lawn bowling, medieval jousting, paragliding, dancing classes of all kinds, hotel entertainment, which is available for all. I could go on and on but I have to stop somewhere.

Unless someone out there wants to hear more or wants to know if their particular choice is available. If there is then please e-mail me.


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