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Feel the need for an interest? Want to do something creative with a very high satisfaction factor? Have a look through what follows on this and subsequent pages and you may find that model railway construction is what you are looking for.

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This is a hobby for everyone, from children to old un's like me. I started about 30 years ago after I helped a padre in the RAF set up his 0 gauge system. This set me thinking of the train set I had when I was a child and the pleasure it gave me, that's when I could get at it after dad had his go. So I bought a couple of model railway magazines and was amazed at the way standards had developed and advanced over the years, not realising earlier just how many people, adults that is, were persuing the hobby. The bug bit really hard then and this continued to be my favourite pastime right up till leaving the UK to come to Spain in 1990. Leaving the model railway, along with my garden, were the only regrets I had when we left. In the years since, up till the january of this year, I have had neither the opportunity, or the space, to do anything about starting again.
Then, after a lot of pestering and pleading, the manager of the complex we live in very kindly made available a room underneath our block of apartments for model railway purposes. I wasn't the only one interested as one of our Spanish doctors here had also used persuasion on the manager to let us have some space. When we took the room over I had available to me the whole length of one wall to a depth of about 5 feet and some 20 feet long. By any modern standards this is a very generous space.
The photograph at the top of this page gives you some idea of what I am doing. Don't forget to click on it to get a better view.

The first link shown below will take you to more model railway photographs of my layout Barchester. The second to the Barchester model railway Forum and the third to the Barchester Web site pages where you can see the ongoing construction of my 00 gauge Barchester layout. Here you will also find all you need to know about building your own model railway.

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