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This is only the beginning of the end. There's a long way to go yet.

So, 13 years after leaving the UK I think I can safely say that 'yes', the dream is possible. If you are absolutely sure of what you want to do, or, if you are a couple, you must both be sure, then there really is nothing standing in your way. Of course there are a lot of 'ifs, but's, maybe's, what if's' but I am of the opinion that these can be safely ignored. Concern yourselves with the things over which you have control, the other things, good and bad, are going to happen whatever you do or wherever you are, that is part of life and the same for everyone. The sun has shone on us for 13 years and as I look fondly around at our beautiful surroundings I am quite content. The major decisions have all been taken and those years are ours for ever, they are money in the bank, whatever happens in the future.

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This page was supposed to finish on the above note and I was going to get on with other parts of the site, but, life being what it is,  I suddenly find that all the major decisions haven't been taken after all, there are still more to come. On the 20th August, 2003 I was diagnosed as having prostate cancer. Now, there's a turn up for the book, wasn't expecting that one. As with a lot of things where I need information I turned to the internet. Plenty of stuff there, most of it quite technical, and, by it's very nature, a little impersonal. I decided therefor to devote a section of this site to "Me And My Prostate". Here you will find out exactly how I found out about it, the tests involved, the treatment and it's effects as and when I receive any. I am not doing this to elicit sympathy from anyone but hopefully to help a lot of men who, like myself, are ignorant of this most common of cancers for men. To encourage them to take the screening process, a simple procedure in itself. This cancer can be cured if caught early enough, otherwise it will grow and spread without warning, until it is too late. In my particular case who knows, whatever happens I feel sure I will gain a lot from recording events as they occur. 

Me And My Prostate

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