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Summer 2007. Your's Truly, Still Going Strong.

Yet another page that I didn't expect to have to write but things have not gone as I would have wished so it's no good dodging the issue. I started this whole thing off by saying I would record as we went along, good or bad.

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July 1st.....2007  Well it's been six months since I recorded anything here so this is the latest information and it's not good. I had a big injection in February and another at the end of May to bring the PSA figure back down again but unfortunately this hasn't happened. Instead the figure has continued to rise. After a meeting with my oncologist last week I now have a complete range of tests to undergo, starting with a total body scan last Friday. I report to the cancer hospital on Wednesday morning at 08:00 for blood samples for a full work-up, 10:15 for a scan of I'm not sure what, and then at 12:00 one of these scans of the pelvic area where you have to have an injection first. What a 7 day period that will have been at the end of it. The following week it's back to the oncologist for the results. I know they aren't going to be good, it's more a case of how bad. We will see.

July 10th......2007 After a few sleepless nights we turned up at the hospital on time this morning and sat waiting to see the oncologist while all the time the tension was getting worse and worse. Finally got through his door and sat down and saw straight away the pile of test results on his desk, blood, chest x-rays, pelvic scan, bone scan, all there. One after the other he put them in front of me.
Blood results...Normal
Chest X-ray...Normal
Pelvic scan...Normal
Bone scan...Normal
PSA...Dropping like a stone. Normal.
 Totally Clear.
Could hardly believe it for a few moments but there was no doubting the huge smile on the oncologists face. We had won through after three years of intensive treatments and tests. Can't write any more at the moment.



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