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More Photographs Of The Model Railway

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Part OF Wood Yard And Canal Basin
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Just a few more pictures to show the stage I am at after about 9 months work. One of the things about a model railway is that it is never completed. Either there is always something to add or you become disatisfied with your previous efforts, because your skills have improved, and you remodel something. 

Broader View Of Wood Yard
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As you can probably see from the pictures all that is required to produce a reasonable result is a little knowledge of the techniques needed and then your imagination as the materials used are all everyday things that are easily obtainable.

3.Car DMU & Big Diesel Passing
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Autocar & 0-6-0T Cruising past Goods Shed
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The Local Coal Drops
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All these pictures show what is in a very small space so you can see that you don't have to have a vast area at your disposal to produce something worthwhile.

If you want to see just how everything has been done then go to my Barchester web pages by following the link below.


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